body moving and burned a ton of calories

In just 90 days I lost 40 lbs. and feel amazing. I have no doubt that the Meal Plan was probably the top reason for my success. The workouts were great and I know they

got my body moving and burned a ton of calories, but for me, it was learning how to eat right. I even had to buy all new clothes because my old stuff was way too

baggy. Another key factor in my weight loss was Shakeology. First of all, it’s incredibly delicious and p90 workout gives me so much energy. I used to be an energy drink

fanatic and addicted to coffee, but since Shakeology came into my life, I no longer need those extra kicks. And guess who’s not tired at all? ME!

In just three months, my life has changed in so many ways and I’m incredibly proud of ALL of my achievements! I’ve lost 31 lbs. and 18.25 total inches. I’ve gone

from a size 12 to a size 8, look better than I have in years, and get compliments daily. I’ve started many, many, many programs in the past so I’m very proud to say

that I finally finished one—and got great results! I didn’t see any p90 excel spreadsheets anywhere on the site so I made my own. These can be printed out to track

your progress through the 90 day program. It has a tab for both phase 1-2 and 3-4 sweat and sculpt as well as a progress tracker and schedule.

Who is P90 for? The program is a great fit for those that haven’t worked out in a while or are just starting their workout journey. It doesn’t matter what age or

fitness level you are, you should be able to do this. You can modify every move and anyone can do it. Jim in the videos is 61 and able to do the workouts. “I’m

telling you. It’s pretty simple, We don’t kick your but right out of the box. We take care of you, we ease you into this thing.” – Tony Horton How long are the

workouts? The workouts are an average of about 30 minutes. The workouts range from 25-45 minutes. It is a 90 day transformation program.

What is included with the program? The program will include 10 workouts and one bonus workout. The workouts are a mixture of different types. Probably similar to that

of P90. You’ll also find a Nutrition guide and 4 step power plan in the program Tony Horton also mentioned that there are 3 Ab rippers. One for each month of the

program so he doesn’t kill you right out of the box. He eases you into it.“It’s a lot easier to look in the mirror now. The way I feel now, I wouldn’t trade that

for anything”“You won’t believe what you can do. There is so much more in you than you realize”“It’s a total life changing experience and I think that anyone can

do this program”.

T25: only 25 minutes for A WEEK

Focus T25 is not quite as demanding as the Insanity workout, but the workouts leave you with that “just had a really good workout” feeling. The Focus T25 workout program schedule is 10-weeks long, and Insanity is 60-days. Needless to say, it’s not that big of a difference.

Focus T25 is not just a shortened version of the INSANITY program nor is it an easier version. Focus T25 is also high intensity cardiovascular training with some weight training mixed in for a full body toning workout that hits not only your core, but your legs, arms, and back. The workouts in Focus T25 are only 25 minutes long for 5 days a week, which is optimum for those with full time jobs, including busy moms.

The T25 program is perfect for those who want to get an intense workout with less time to spare each day or for those who just want to change up their longer daily workout routine for something shorter to maintain results.

In Insanity, Shaun T is clean shaven (including his head) and has more of a drill sergeant personality than one of a fitness instructor. He does a lot of yelling and will scream at you to push it and dig deeper – not necessarily my favorite style of motivation, but for a lot of people it works, and it works very well.

In Focus T25, Shaun T is sporting a goatee and a full head of hair. Not only is his appearance different, he is more concerned about proper form and having you focus on your core muscles than in the Insanity program.

If you are just beginning to work out on a regular basis after a long time away or just not used to working out, I whole-heartedly recommend beginning with the Focus T25 first. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, T25 shows you a lower intensity modification on every single move, which Insanity does not have.

Ah, it all comes down to the big question and the most difficult to answer: Will you lose as much weight with Focus T25 as you would with Insanity? There are so many factors that go into this, it’s impossible to really answer the question.

You will lose weight with either program, if that is your goal. Weight loss is caused by a calorie deficit over time.  As long as you burn more calories than you’re consuming, you will lose weight. Focus T25 is based around the theory that 25-minutes of high intensity exercise puts your body in the range for optimal continuous calorie burn. This means your body will continue to burn more calories after your workout is over. The Insanity workout program was created for people who want an intense cardiovascular exercise program. It’s hardcore. The plyometric-based movements are meant to shred fat from your body and is great for people who want a more bootcamp style workout. Think insanely tough :)

Insanity-picIf you order Insanity or Focus T25 through Team Beachbody, you receive a free workout program with either program. This is something you can only get through Team Beachbody and is only available for a limited time.

When I really feel like I can’t keep up, I drop down to the modified movements, and then when I catch my breath, I focus back on the real movements.

Insanity has a leg up on Focus T25 when it comes to exercise equipment you’ll need. With the Insanity workout program, you don’t need any equipment. However, a heart rate monitor and plyometric mat are highly recommended.

On the other hand, Focus T25 does have some weight training workouts, which means you will need to supply your own set of dumbbells or use a resistance band. Luckily, the Focus T25 program comes with a 15lb B-Lines resistance band. I prefer dumbbells, although it’s a little bit of an investment at first, but something you can use for the rest of your life after you finish the program…an investment in your health

Both programs have two phases: the first phase preps you for the second phase, which is more intense than the first. The second phase workouts of Insanity are longer than the workouts in the first phase, while the Focus T25 workouts remain 25 minutes throughout the second phase.

With Focus 25 being a newer program, there are still limited results to see. After a week of T25, I was already seeing a difference in my abs and my thighs. I could even see the beginnings of my lower abdominals!

Much like actors in different movie roles, Shaun T’s personality and training style is much different in T25 than it is in Insanity. He also slightly altered his appearance  for Focus T25. Who knew he would look so different with hair?

with FOCUS T25 to get ridiculous results

It’s no surprise…you don’t have time. Well, nobody’s getting ripped by wishing they could fit in a workout. So let’s take that excuse right off the table.   Because now I’ve got a 25-minute workout that pushes you as hard—or harder—than any hour-long workout you’ve ever done. A workout that will have you dripping with sweat after 10 minutes, and totally done in 25.

It’s called FOCUS T25. It’s short. It’s intense. And the results? Ready for a shock? Turns out longer workouts don’t always deliver better results. In fact, major studies show that the first 30 minutes of exercise can be every bit as effective at burning fat as workouts that are twice as long.

So when you do a FOCUS T25 workout, you can get an hour’s worth of results…but you’ll be getting it done in only 25 minutes—so you stay within that optimal, fat-burning zone.

It’s a full-body workout in 25 minutes. With zero rest. Focus Interval Training works every muscle group in your body—one after the other—then it works it again. It’s short. It’s sweaty. But after 25 minutes, it’s done. No BS…just amazing results.

25 minutes is all it takes to get ripped. To get abs. Lose the baby fat. Get the six-pack. Feel better. Look better. Fast. Tania B. / Age: 39″To all moms who feel like they’re never going to get their bodies back, you can do it. 25 minutes a day and you’ll have your body back, and you’ll feel better.”   “I NEVER write reviews, but I am so excited about this I felt compelled to. The 25 minutes goes fast every morning and I truly feel energized for the rest of the day.” —MomKnows “What kind of workout gets results like this in just 25 minutes a day?” “And I’ll throw in 4 bonus gifts!”

Order today, and we’ll send you four additional bonus gifts, just for taking my advice

FOCUS T25 comes with a no-excuses, 30-day money-back guarantee. Try it risk-free for 30 days. If you’re not totally and completely blown away by the results you’re seeing in just 25 minutes a day, send it back and we’ll refund your whole purchase price (less s&h). And we’ll do it fast.

We know you’re going to reach your goals with FOCUS T25. In fact, we’re so sure of it, we’ll let you keep the ALPHA: Cardio workout, ALPHA: Total Body Circuit workout, plus the pro-grade resistance band, as our gifts—even if you return everything else—just for trying FOCUS T25. That’s an $80 value…FREE!

Stick with FOCUS T25 and get ridiculous results…then send in your “before” and “after” photos, and we’ll send you this FREE T-shirt. You know you want it… but you’ve got to nail your workouts first!

Jamie R. / Age: 29″All the time I’ve spent in the gym, I’ve never gotten close to the results I got from T25″ Lost30 lbs. Nate S. / Age: 32″You don’t need an hour to work out. 25 minutes of T25 is more than enough.”

“Here’s how I fit an hour-long workout into only 25 minutes…”†

“I know a thing or two about getting insane results…”  Watch the FOCUS T25 WORKOUT creator of INSANITY® now brings you FOCUS T25®.  After all, I’m Shaun T, the guy who created INSANITY. But I also know that everybody doesn’t have an hour or more to spend working out every day. That’s why I created FOCUS T25. So you can get those same results in just 25 minutes.   “Think FOCUS T25 is too tough for you? Meet Josh…” Josh S. / Age: 35″As a big guy, I couldn’t keep up with Shaun T. So at first, I did the modified version. But before long, I didn’t need it anymore.

I lost a pound a day in the first 10 weeks. I stuck with it…and now I’ve lost 90 pounds. I’m never going back to who I was. T25 changed me forever.”  By the time you finish FOCUS T25…you’re going to be a superhero. But to help you get with the program on Day 1, every workout includes a modified version you can follow until you’re ready to stay with me. So anyone…at any age…at any fitness level can do these workouts.

Josh was amazing…he stuck with it and lost a ton of weight! The Quick-Start Guide makes sure you hit the ground running. FOCUS T25 is fast and furious. And so is this guide. The Get It Done Nutrition Plan makes eating right easy. All the recipes have just 5 ingredients and take just 5 minutes of prep. Perfect for busy folks like you. The ALPHA-BETA wall calendar shows you which workout to do each day, as you get one step closer to that ripped body you want.

We’ve never seen a product sell as fast as FOCUS T25. Not P90X®. Not INSANITY. We’ve already gone out of stock 3 times! So if you don’t want to risk getting stuck waiting for new inventory, you need to order right now.

I know you’re busy. Busy anybody can find 25 minutes in their day to work out. And with FOCUS T25, that’s all you’ll need. If you focus—from minute 1 to minute 25—you’re going to get an incredible workout. I will help get your body so lean and cut, you won’t recognize it a few weeks from now.

But no one gets results from wishing. You’ve got to get up out of the chair and commit. You will work hard. You will sweat. But you will Get It Done. No more excuses. All it takes is 25 minutes to change your life…so what are you waiting for? Order FOCUS T25 right now.